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Michelle Ioppolo - Senior Travel Consulant

Michelle Ioppolo
Michelle got her first taste of travel at a very young age after travelling to Europe to visit family every few years. This started a passion for travel which led to Michelle commencing work experience in a small North Perth travel agency at the age of 15. After completing a travel traineeship, Michelle spent over 10 years working with Jetset/Travelworld agencies before looking for something different and heading into the group travel direction. It was during this time that Michelle developed a strong network in the motorbike community and started escorting MotoGP groups to Asia and Europe and which still continues to this day.

Today having over 25 years experience in travel and having travelled extensively herself, nowadays Michelle specialises in cruising and is considered the cruise guru! Michelle is extremely client focused and is renowned for her ‘good old fashioned’ service, attention to detail and professionalism which will ensure that you have the perfect travel experience from the moment you walk in. If you want the perfect ‘holiday of a lifetime’ …you’re in the right place!



As your trusted travel agent, we’re here to save you time and show you value for money. Creating a travel plan with us is the best plan if you're serious about seeing the world.

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