Referral Rewards

Open doors for others who you think would like to have the same experience as you.

If you have family members or friends that would be interested in booking their next holiday with Northern Beaches Travel & Cruise ask them to call us or email us to join our mailing list and say that you have recommended them. As a sign of our appreciation, we will send you a bottle of sparkling wine with our compliments.

If your friend books a holiday with us, we will also send you a $100 travel voucher!

Here’s what you should know about your referral rewards:

  • You will receive one bottle of sparkling wine when we receive your very first referral to say thank you
  • In addition, for every referred booking made with Northern Beaches thereafter, you will receive a $100 Travel Voucher (per booking when paid in full). The number of travel vouchers you can be rewarded with is not limited. The more referrals that book and travel through Northern Beaches, the more travel vouchers you will receive. Example: if you refer five different people (whether it be a single/double) you will receive a bottle of sparkling wine for your very first referral PLUS if three of those five referrals book and pay in full, you will also receive $300 worth of travel vouchers
  • A Travel Voucher is rewarded if the referred booking is for international travel of $2000 and higher
  • The Travel Voucher can only be used towards international bookings of $2000 and higher
  • The Travel Voucher can’t be exchanged for cash
  • The Travel Voucher is non-transferrable
  • The Travel Voucher is valid for 12 months
  • The Travel Voucher can be used towards an overseas holiday OR a Kings Australian or Overseas Escorted Holiday (not valid on low cost carriers or online travel companies)

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This referral rewards program is a new program and is effective as of October 2016.


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